Organizer of the Gentilly Biennale


Biennial of Gentilly 2019

Article 1. The Gentilly Biennale and ARTyBi

The Gentilly Biennale is organized by a group of artists, with the support of the city of Gentilly. These artists came together in association – ARTyBi. The Biennial takes place from March 29 to April 14, 2019.
Its purpose is to let artists: painters, sculptors, photographers, designers, engravers, videographers, creators of installations … to exhibit according to the terms and conditions below.

Art 2. Applications

Artists wishing to participate undertake to read the terms and dates and to respect them, to read these rules carefully and then fill the online registration form. Registrations are open between November 1, 2108 and January 9, 2019 (midnight). The paper version of the portefolio must be sent before january the 20 th (mailing address: Cultural Service, 58/60 av Raspail, 94250 Gentilly, France).
Then the folders are examined by an independent jury of five personalities from the artistic world, who choose about thirty artists. Their choice is based on the originality of the artists’ approach.

We strongly suggest to propose a project taking place in the atypical place that is the College. For ethical reasons, the names of the members of the jury are not disclosed. To facilitate their deliberations, the file in pdf format must be accompanied by an identical file printed on paper.

Shipments by registered mail are not accepted. Any incomplete file or registration will be put on hold. If you wish the file to be returned to you, you must enclose an envelope with your name and address, stamped to the correct amount. You also have the possibility to recover the folder during the exhibition.

Art 3. Registration fees

The registration fee has been set in 2019 to 20 €. You only can pay online, filling out the form. In case of waiver of the participant, the association will not make any refund. In the future the organizers would like to make the registration free, which is not yet possible for the 2019 Bienniale.

Art 4. Membership in ARTyBi

Each artist is free to join the ARTyBi association and / or to invest in the organization of the Biennale. The membership fee for the association is set to 20 €, on request.

Art 5. The newsletter

We invite you to subscribe to the newsletter on the home page of We prefere this means of communication to keep you informed about all the points of the organization before and during the Biennale.

Art 6. The premises

The premises of the Biennale are made available by the city of Gentilly. The ancient Pierre Curie College is a beautiful building of the thirties. The place must be left in perfect condition by the artists. You must ask before for any addition or transformation. The repair of proven damage will be charged to the artists.

Art 7. The visit of the College

We will organize a visit as soon as possible, once the candidates have been selected, on two dates. Please note that we do not have free access to the College outside the agreed dates and can not visit it before the selection by the jury. A lot of photos are available on the site, also for all those who, being too far away, will not be able to travel for the visit.

Art 8. Available spaces

When applying, each artist will have taken time to consult the documents on the site (plans and photos) to understand better the spaces. You can already propose a project related to a particular space. After the visit for the selected artists, we will ask you to make wishes regarding the available spaces.
If can not attend the visit, p. ex. because of geographical distance, we will take into account your wishes, made in relation to the location photos and plans. A jury chooses the artists but it is the organizers who design the hanging plans according to the availability and, so far as possible, the wishes of the artists. The spaces are big and we want to give much visibility to each artist, whatever your technique or formats. For installations (video or other): we ask you a explanations mentioning the requested surface and the necessary technical conditions.

Art 9. The dates of exhibition, the hanging and the removal

The exhibition runs from March 29 to April 14, the installation will begin March 25 and the removal must be finished April 17 evening. Each artist undertakes to exhibit during this period all the works planned. The hanging / installation and removal take place only on the dates provided. For insurance reasons, in no way we can keep your works outside the dates provided.
We ask you to hang yourself, or with your friends of course. The hanging’up is under control, direction, and with the help of the organizers. Their decision is final. When moving, you must remove all suspension equipment and re-fill any holes. The organizers reserve the right to check the condition of your spaces after your departure, they must be in a unchanged condition.

Art 10. The deposit and removal of your works

You mus depose your works at the mean time hanging, we have no place of storage. Parking spaces are available in the courtyard of the College, but we do not have a lot of places. However, you can easily unload your vehicle. You can collect your works on the evening of the last day of the exhibition, April 14 from 19h. Ability to remove until April 17 in the evening, 19h, please make a point with the organizers.

Art 11. Technical conditions, walls and lighting

The organizers make a prior visit with the city technical team, who installs some additional lighting, however you are kindly requested to note the specificities of the place. There is not a picture rails. Each exhibition space is equipped with a minimum lighting system, often with neon lighting. You can bring your lighting, by checking the proximity, the good walking and the power of the catch, you will have to take into account the norms of safety of the places and the good circulation of the public, the technical services of the city are there to help you in certain cases. Their decision is final in the event that they judge the installation dangerous. A form will be sent to you regarding your particular requests (pedestals, plugs). You will be given the list of necessary materials as well as all the technical aspects of your sites. We have some old college furniture, such as desks, tables and chairs, which can be made available to you on request. They are provided « as is ».

Art 12. Permanences (except geographically distant artists )

We ask the artists, according to their possibilities, to invest and give their time for the Biennale. The success of this event rests on you, exhibiting artists. Given the surface of the exhibition, it takes the presence of several artists at the same time. As far as possible and except geographical distance, each exhibitor agrees, according to a schedule that suits him, to make one or more permanences, for a quarter of a day. It’s not just about “keeping your shop” but about being in any other space to guide visitors through the work of all artists. The organizers are also there.

Art 13. Vernissage and opening hours

The opening, organized by the city, takes place on March 29 between 18h and 22h. The presence of the artists is highly recommended and desired. A finishing also takes place, it’s a convivial moment of sharing that should not be transformed into a remove session. The Bienniale opens its doors from March 30 to April 14, 2019 every day from 12:30 to 19h, school visits are organized in the morning, their schedules will be announced, so you can be there if you wish.

Art 14. Public and Young Audience Prizes

The Public Award and the Young Public Award goes to two artists at the end of the exhibition, endowed by Marin, artist’s materials. An urn is placed in the main hall for this purpose. We count together the votes on the last day, during the finishing.

Art 15. Communication, mediation

The organizers send to the local and regional media the necessary files, as well as invitations to the opening. Exhibitors are committed to contributing as much as possible to good communication. We will propose you some specific form so then you can propose your particular skills (networks, signposting, distribution of flyers etc).

Art 16. Authorization and contract of engagement

The exhibitors authorize the association ARTyBI organizer of the Biennial to take the photos and videos necessary for the promotion of this event and thus authorize ARTyBi to use them in this promotional framework according to the appropriate means and supports. The personal data of the participants and organizers will be available, with their agreement during the permanence, to allow the communication or the sales. They will not be divulged to visitors, except with prior agreement. The selected artists undertake to authorize the use of the visuals and texts they have provided for the promotion of the Biennale on all paper and digital media as well as on the social media accounts managed by the Biennial .

Art 17. Consent RGPD – Terms of use of your personal data.

By registering, you agree that ARTyBi memorizes and uses your personal data collected during registration in order to improve your reciprocal interactions. In this case, you authorize ARTyBi to communicate occasionally with you, if it deems it appropriate, to inform you of the latest news. In order to protect the confidentiality of your personal data, ARTyBi undertakes not to divulge, transmit, share or sell your personal data with any other entity, company or organization, in accordance with the Regulations. General Protection of Data of 2018 on the protection of personal data. To know and exercise your rights, including that of withdrawal of consent to the use of your collected data, please consult our privacy policy in the legal notices tab of the site

Annex Art 17. Website

The Biennale’s website presents the selected artists and exhibitors at the 2015, 2017 and 2019 Biennials. This constitutes a public memory, the pages presenting the artists can not be deleted.

Art 18. Sales

The Bienniale takes no commission on the sale of works and can facilitate contacts between artists and buyers. In the case of a sale, the object of the sale will have to be replaced if possible or the arrangement of the modified attachment to not leave a vacuum. In case of absence of the artist concerned, the exhibitors or organizers present undertake to inform him immediately thanks to the information left at their disposal (phone, email, list of prices). They will be able to put in contact the artist and the purchaser, they will leave the work, in return for payment, in case of absence of the artist, and only with his agreement.

Art 19. Insurance

The city of Gentilly contracts insurance covering the exhibited works (theft, damage, fire, etc …) up to the values ​​communicated by the exhibitors, when sending the exact list of works. This insurance is valid from March 29 in the morning to April 14 in the evening. Apart from these dates, especially during the hanging and drop-out, every artist must be covered by his own insurance as regards the works as well as the level of civil liability.

Art 20. Catering

The premises are not equipped, because the refectory and the kitchens are also transformed into exhibition spaces. We put at your disposal a kettle and a coffee machine, up to you to contribute to the good running and the cleanliness of this improvised cafeteria.

Art 21. Tobacco

According to the French legislation on smoking, it is strictly forbidden to smoke in all the enclosed spaces of the Biennale.