The most important elements to prepare your registration file…

1/ Who can participate ?

Artists from all over the world, all artistic practices including video, installation …
Any artist who has already exhibited at the Biennale can participate again in the selection.

2/ When to apply ?

>>>f rom November 1, 2018 to January 9, 2019 <<<

Deadline for registration on the website – January 9, 2019 before midnight.
Deadline for submission of the paper file – January 20, 2019 (postmarked).

3/ What are the registration fees ?

The registration fee is 20 €. We would like to delete them but it is still not possible in 2019.

4/ What are the requested items? (pdf file AND paper)

A/ On the website :

a/ The pdf file.

This folder is a single A4 (or legal) document, containing all the pages. It is in pdf format. Its size should not exceed 18mo.
This is a document that will be consulted by the jury, please make it interesting.

  • On the cover of the file :
    • a representative photo of your work
    • your name
    • techniques
    • your address
    • if possible your website
  • the contents of your file:
    • an artistic CV and a short biographical text

    • 8 to 12 photos of your work with legend (technique, date, dimensions)

    • If your project lends itself to it, a specific hanging / installation project (illustrated with sketches for example – see below “to help you”)


b / A small introductory text
This text must present your specific project for the Biennale 2019. It will be limited to 150 words (850 characters) we will use it for the communication media of the Biennale, if you are selected.

c / Two high definition images
300dpi images- 21 cm or 2500px (the widest edge) JPG format maximum quality.
These images will be used, as the presentation text, for the catalogs and other communication tools of the Biennale

d / Registration fees (online only)
The registration fee is 20 €

B/ The paper portefolio :

Same content as the pdf (cv, photos with captions, and do not forget to attach the specific project), presented in a transparent folder and sent or deposited at:

Service Culturel Gentilly
Bienniale 2019
58/60 av Raspail
94250 Gentilly France

This portefolio will serve as a framework for the jury during the deliberations.

5/ Who chooses the artists ?

Thirty artists are chosen by an independent jury composed of five professionals from the art world : gallery owners, artists, critics. The Public Award and the Young Public Award goes to two artists at the end of the exhibition, endowed with vouchers by Marin (famous artist supply company).

6/ When I get a results ?

At the end of january 2019.

7/ Useful informations

You will find the complete information in the regulations of the Biennale.

We invite you to visit also:

the plans:

the tracking photos :
the views of the 2017 exhibition:

and the FAQ pages Questions / Réponses

If you wish to recover your file : Attach to your mailing an envelope to your name, sufficiently stamped. You can also pick it up at the Biennale.