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Dear friends, dear foreign artists, this website is partially translated into English. We are trying to make it easyer to you, if you have any questions please Contact us…

Für deutsche Künstler : hier Übersetzung des Aufrufs zur Bewerbung Einreichung von Bewerbungen

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Prepare your registration

How to prepare your elements

We ask you to send :

  • The portefolio presenting you and your work, 8 – 12 photos, artistic CV, your installation project for the Biennale (all depends on your techniques) …
    This file will be consulted by the jury, make sure that it’s perfectly prepared. You will need to provide it in two versions, a pdf file and a printed version. Read more…
  • Two high resolution images (used if you are selected)
  • Short text (used if you are selected)
  • Registration fee 20€

Please also read carefully

The exhibition : from March 29th to April 14th, 2019
The hang-up : from March 25th to March 29th
Deadline for call for applications : web – January 9th, 2019 at midnight
paper portfolio – January 20th, 2019


The Bienniale, which is in its third edition, takes place in Gentilly in some old disused college, a beautiful 1930s school wasteland, a kind of place that can allow artists to dream.

You practice sculpture, drawing, photo, video, engraving, painting, installation … we invite you to apply for the Bienniale! The jury, composed of five professionals from the art world, selects 30 artists, all disciplines.

700 m2 of atypical spaces : classrooms, hallways, refectory, post-apocalyptic garden or stairs are waiting to be invested!

the pictures of a College

Let’s discover the place


You are welcome !
We want you to know that we can not to ensure your travel nor the transport of works. If you are selected we will contact you to facilitate your coming. We ask you to to make your hanging yourself and to be there the day of the opening, but you can also make a deal with your embasy. We can not store your works after the exhibition, nor to insure them, so please ensure your stall within two days after the end of the exhibition.
If you stay there for the exhibition, you are welcome to help us to meet the public.

    The members of the jury each consult the pdf files, they are sometimes geographically distant. The day they meet, they prefer to have printed portfolios for their discussion around the table.

The paper portfolio is to send to :

Service Culturel de Gentilly
Biennale 2019
58/60 av Raspail
94250 Gentilly

Yes of course. You are welcome !

Your files are arriving on a server.
They rank alphabetically according to your name (not an artist name).
Then we send all files to the jury.

your pdf file has to be named as following :

name-fist name-biennale2019.pdf

Why dashes? Because the server replaces the spaces with:% 20

Example of  “files not found” :

  •  myfile% 20biennale% 202% 20ok.pdf
  •  jer% 45me.pdf
  •  IMG-70024 (large) .jpg
  • the%20black%20sun-140×45-ok%202014 (%20blue%20version).jpg.jpg
We hope you understand, we don’t want your registration get lost.

No, unfortunately. The organization of such an event and the management of the registrations is a huge and very rigorous work. The Biennale is not expensive compared to other events.
Our goal is to be able, in a future edition, to remove these fees. Be aware that they also mark your commitment to such a project.

Think the place, imagine hanging or installation in the old college walls is recommended.
According to your artistic work, it’s obvious that the project of installation in the college is more or less significant. The jury can see the difference.

The place is so surprising and gives you a lot of possibilities.

Of course ! You can nail or drill and paint or intervene on the walls. We discuss with each artist his fixture and his needs before setting up. In some cases, it is necessary to have the approve for specific projects.
We ask you to make the place clean and plug the holes. We also ask you to use gray dowels, which is cleaner when you can not remove them.
Le collège continue sa vie entre les Biennales, c’est un vieux monsieur que l’on tient à respecter.

A visit will be organized only for the selected artists, to prepare your project you can visit :

The jury knows that you did not see the place while preparing your registration.

During your registration you will be drafted on a payment platform, headed by Hello Asso. This is an excellent online banking system dedicated to associations. They do not take commission. They ask you, if you wish, to leave them a “tip”, you can choose to leave nothing or add one or two euros.

As for foreign friends, we do not have the financial means to ensure your travel. If you are selected, we will contact you and we will try to facilitate your coming.We ask you to do your hanging yourself and to be there the day of the opening. We can not store works after the exhibition, nor to insure them, so you are asked to do your stall within two days maximum after the end of the exhibition.

If you can with us you will be welcome to help us to meet the public.

No problem ! We will be happy to meet you and allow you to meet the Earth public. Just have an intergalactic passport and bring if necessary your food in case of allergies.
Note that we do not insure your travel costs and certainly do not have the fuel you use. Take some more fuel, especially since here they raise taxes, it would be a shame if you have to pay them! Welcome to Earth!

There is no limits. You can participate again. Each edition the jury is renewed to two / thirds and remains sovereign.